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                  Earn your CAPTAIN'S/Master’s Certification in a

                   Virtual environment in  4 weeks!

We are proud to introduce  Virtual Captains Training thru 


The Advantages of the USCT Virtual Classroom are:

  • Increased Convenience-- removing travel time and geographical location issues

  • Effective time management-- we can fit easier into your schedule

  • A live instructor with over 35 years of experience leading your virtual class.

  • Smaller class size-- giving each student the ability to participate, interact and retain more information

Come join us and see for yourself why the majority of our students select this training vehicle.

 Completion of the Captain’s License Course Modules QUALIFIES you to test for either a Master Captain’s License up to 100 ton or an OUPV (Six Pack). The choice is yours, but the majority of our students test for the Master’s license so as not to limit themselves to a six- passenger license. 


These Virtual Classes are held for groups or individuals on a scheduled basis. 

For information on Enrollment Call: 

Captain John Stypulkoski--973-222-0222 

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